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Citizenship By Investment Programs

Vanuatu citizenship by investment entitles you to a piece of the 83 tropical chain of Islands in the south pacific. This vibrant and culturally diverse nation of about 270, 000 people is not only an excellent destination for tourists, but also for global investors. A home in a tropical and exotic location, diverse investment opportunities, and state protection are some of the benefits that the citizenship by investment programs offered by the government of Vanuatu avails to foreign investors.

Vanuatu is an established offshore financial center with offshore services being a major driver of Vanuatu’s economy. There are over 5,000 registered institutions that offer a vast array of services including; banking, accounting, legal, insurance, investment among others. The government has made serious strides to make Vanuatu a serious investment destination. This includes scrapping; personal and corporate income taxes, capital gains taxes, withholding taxes, estate duties, exchange controls, and tax treaties.

What is Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment?

To raise funds for economic and infrastructural development after cyclone Pam, The government launched the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP) which was later replaced by the Development Support Program (DSP) under the Citizenship Act. Candidates can now apply for Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship by making contributions to DSP of USD 150,000 for one person and USD 200, 000 USD for a family (up to four people). The government fully recognizes this citizenship.

What are the primary requirements for obtaining citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

• Proof that you own assets with a minimum total value of USD 450,000 in businesses such as real estate, banking, and insurance.

• Proof of identity by a certified true copy of the identity card or passport of the lead applicant and dependents.

• Filled nomination forms of the primary applicant and his or her dependents.

• Notarized birth certificate of the main applicant and his or her dependents.

• Notarized no criminal records or police clearance certificate for applicants and dependents over 16 years of age.

• Notarized marriage certificate

• Personal profile, academic and employment certification of the applicant.

• Medical check and health declaration of the applicants.

• Original bank reference letter and character reference by a professional.

• Passport photo for both the applicant and dependents.

• School certification for dependents between the age of 18 and 25.

What is the process of application of citizenship by investment?

• Apply for pre-approval. You will need to present the required documentation and a USD 5,000 once-off due diligence fee.

• Get pre-approval and submit investment. You will get a written confirmation of clearance within ten days of the initial application from the Vanuatu government Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). You will then be required to make the full payment and file the remaining documentation.

• Screening. The Vanuatu Citizen Commission will evaluate your application to verify that you have obtained clearance from the FIU and to counter check that all the required documentation and payment has been received. You will get guidance to ensure that you present all stipulated documents and that they are free from errors and omissions.

• Confirmation by the Prime Minister. The citizenship commission informs the prime minister; who then confirms the citizenship and the president signs your citizenship certificate.

• Take oath and get citizenship- The Vanuatu Government Commissioner of Oaths takes you through an oath. You then become a full citizen set to enjoy the rights. At this stage, you are presented with a certificate of citizenship and your new passport.

If you don’t wish to renounce your original citizenship, you can apply for Vanuatu dual citizenship. You can consult with us for more information on the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program.